HEY!! Pardon my manners. They call me the Duke... of Detroit... "Sniff"
Duke of Detroit
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The Duke of Detroit
(Real Name: Unknown)

First Appearance:

The Duke of Detroit

Voiced by:

Dee Snider


Himself, His gang

The Duke of Detroit is one of the main antagonists in Motorcity. He is shown to have an intense love for cars, and wants Mike's car Mutt. He is voiced by Dee Snider.


Sometimes friend, sometimes enemy, the Duke is a self-absorbed collector and lover of cars who owns a palace filled with guards and mint condition automobiles. He instructs Mike that respect is conveyed through actions, and when Mike doesn't issue the Duke's kind of respect, he plots to take Mike's car Mutt as a means of payback. The Duke has occasionally put the Burners' rides (and lives) at stake simply for his and others' entertainment, going as far as putting the Burners in a combat situation while they transported a large container with unstable chemicals with the safety mechanisms of said container compromised as part of a reality show staged by him. He has two assistants named Cyborg Dan and No. 2.


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