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Looks like we teared that dome a new one!

Texas is is a member of the Burners and drives Stronghorn. He is voiced by Jess Harnell.


Be it a Kane Co. security bot or a towering Ultra Golem, Texas will charge at it with fists, feet, head, teeth (and really any other body part) armed and ready. Texas dreams of leading the Burners one day, but is ever-loyal to Mike. Full of gung-ho spirit and fierce determination, Texas is the ultimate Burner cheerleader...although one that loves to smash, crash, or blast anything with the word "Kane" on it.


Texas's primary weapon, except his fists, are red coloured gun-chucks. Those are, simply, combination of guns and nun-chucks.


  • Texas calls his arms "punch sticks."
  • He makes his own sound effects.
  • He has a problem with remembering female names and telling women apart, with the exception of Julie and Claire, although he often calls Julie by other various names.
  • He loves old kung-fu and action movies.
  • In Mayhem Night it's revealed he fears getting eaten by giant evil candy.
  • Texas faints when seeing several "beautiful" cars in one place, such as the Duke's mansion.
  • Sometimes Texas speaks about himself in third person.
  • He has a vivid imagination, if a little wild, and retells stories to make himself the hero.