Season One of Motorcity premeired April 30, 2012 on Disney XD. It follows the Burners, who protect an underground city known as Motorcity from the evil Abraham Kane. Other villains of the season include Kaia, the Duke of Detroit, and Red. This season consisted of 20 episodes.

SEASON 1-(2012)Edit

No. Season Episode Originally aired (U.S. dates)
1 1 Battle for Motorcity April 30, 2012

Kane tries to cripple Motorcity and when his attack on the Eastside gate fails, he lures the Burners into a trap to destroy Motorcity. Note: This episode was available for free on iTunes before it had even aired.

2 1 Power Trip May 7, 2012
When the Burners get a distress call from Kane Co., they rescue a scientist who was forced into building a power cell strong enough destroy Motorcity.
3 1 Ride the Lightning May 14, 2012
Kane uses a climator to cause a huge blizzard in Motorcity, and Mike goes missing. Julie, Dutch, and Texas must put aside their differences to save Mike.
4 1 Texas-ify It May 21, 2012
The Burners team up with another resistance group called the Terra, who's home has been turned into a Toxic waste dump by Kane Co. and Texas, who's been feeling unappreciated, becomes very popular with their new allies. However the Burners soon discover that their new allies are hiding some dangerous secrets.
5 1 The Duke of Detroit May 28, 2012
An incident with Kane's robots causes Mike to become overprotective of his friends, and the Burners being separated. Mike, Chuck, and Julie come across Motorcity's "The Duke of Detroit," who Mike's disrespectful nature puts him at odds with. This leads to negative reprocussions as the Duke places a bounty on the Burners' heads, and every rebel group in Motorcity wants to get their hands on it.
6 1 Vendetta June 4, 2012
Kane celebrates Mike's one-year anniversary as a Motorcitizen by sending a swarm of metal-eating robomites to destroy Motorcity. As the Burners try to stop Kane's latest attack, they find themselves sabotaged by a mysterious masked villain with ties to Mike's checkered past with Kane.
7 1 Blonde Thunder June 11, 2012
Chuck has been building his own car for a while, but is still missing a part. When Mike gets it from the Duke of Detroit's 'territory,' the two propose a wager - Chuck vs. the Duke's best drivers with Mutt as the grand prize. To make things more complicated, Chuck reveals to Mike he doesn't know how to drive; to help his friend, Mike decides to give Chuck a 'crash course' in driving.
8 1 Going Dutch June 18, 2012
Dutch has had enough of The Burners monopolizing his time with car maintenance and goes off to work on his other passion, art. But when Kane releases a terrible virus that turns everyone, including The Burners, into mindless beasts, Dutch must use his wits and imagination to save the day.
9 1 Ride of the Fantasy Vans June 25, 2012
When two of Chuck's friends from his Live Action Role Play (LARP) world go missing, the group turns to The Burners for help. But the Burners are in for a huge surprise when they find themselves facing off against Utilitons, evil robots that both they and Kane fear.
10 1 The Duke of Detroit Presents... July 3, 2012
After a few weeks of harmony in Motorcity, Mike jumps at the chance to bring a container of hazardous waste back to the refinery. Once on the road, the Burners discover that the job is all part of The Duke of Detroit's dangerous new reality show, with Mike and the Burners trapped as the stars.
11 1 Off the Rack July 10, 2012
When Julie's loyalty to the Burners is questioned, she decides to prove herself by using a KaneCo Safe-T-Suit to pull off a dangerous mission alone. What she doesn't realize is that Kane has the power to control the person inside each Safe-T-Suit, which he takes full advantage of by turning her against her own teammates.
12 1 Reunion July 17,2012

After a Burner mission goes awry, Dutch is forced to hideout in Detroit Deluxe, where he has an unexpected reunion with his parents.

13 1 Fearless July 24,2012

When Kane develops a booster that increases physical abilities and eliminates fear, Chuck tries it and things start to get weird. Note: This episode was previously scheduled to air on June 14, 2012. It was also leaked onto iTunes and quickly removed. It is currently unknown if the episode will air.

14     1                     TBA                                                              July 31.2012