Mutt is Mike Chilton's car. She handles nicely and is extremely fast.
Vehicles mutt
Her strongest weapon is the blastasaurus. She may be the fastest out of all the Burners' cars. Mike and Mutt have been through lots of tight situations together.


Mutt's color scheme is acid green with black stripes with several exhaust pipes on both sides.

Mutt's logo is a dog driving a car and holding black billiard ball in its paw.


  • Nodding toy dog - Its a small, brown toy dog with green dog-collar that is placed at Mutt's control panel. It seems that Mike has an emotional connection with it.
  • Passenger seat - Mostly occupied by Chuck, it has a customized seat belt, is cushioned for better safety and can be ejected from the car when things get out of hand.


  • Mutt is addressed as if it was a female.
    • Mike very often calls Mutt a "girl".
  • The Duke of Detroit wants to own Mutt despite first having a negative impression of her.
  • Chuck is forbidden to drive Mutt.
  • In the unaired pilot episode, Mutt also contained a motorcycle which was used as a last resort escape.
  • The Duke of Detroit has an obsession with trying to win/steal Mutt from Mike.
  • Mutt is completely totaled in numerous episodes