Motorcity (formerly Detroit) is the city on which Detroit Deluxe was built. It is the main location in Motorcity.

The PresidentEdit

It's unknown whether or not Motorcity has any form of authority.

Safety MeasuresEdit

Mechanical support Motorcity has four gates (named and located after four main cardinal points) which seal Motorcity out of Deluxe.

Human ResourcesEdit

The main defense force against Kane are the Burners- a group of young daredevils who are willing to sacrifice a lot during their struggle against the Deluxe regime.


Motorcity lacks of Deluxe regime in matter of clothing thus clothes varieties a lot. The only known dress codes are seen within certain groups of people like communities or gangs.

Other accessoriesEdit

  • Logos - of a citizen is a art of a certain group he puts associated with its logo on his/her clothes.

Buildings and HousingEdit

Most of Motorcity buildings are made mostly off metal. People often decorate them with graffiti or neon signs.

Places of interestEdit

  • Antonio's - The Burner's favourite hangout, a restaurant.
  • Burner's Garage - The Burner's headquarters in which they regroup or fix their cars when needed.
  • Terra's Territory - a wasteland ruled by Kaia.
  • The Duke of Detroit's mansion & scrapyard- The mansion where the Duke lives. There are also many scrapyards in Motorcity that are supposedly 'owned' by the Duke.
  • Skylark Motel - Motel run by Rayon.


Motorcity's food differ a lot from Deluxe way of eating. Even though most of food had been mutated over time creating new kinds some well known food also exist (e.g. tomatoes).

Even thought some of traditional dishes still exist (e.g. Sushi, hod-dogs, pizza or fries) there are some new unique dishes also avialable. Jacob is known to experiment in cooking and creating dishes like Ocramayonaise muffins.