Mike Chilton


Mike Chilton

First Appearance:

Battle for Motorcity

Voice Actor:

Reid Scott


The Burners

Mike Chilton is the leader of the Burners on Motorcity and is the driver of Mutt. He is voiced by Reid Scott.


He is described as a "cool, quick-witted, funny, gutsy, and impulsive 17-year-old who generally has things under control". He usually tries to take the hard way out, rather than the easy way, and faces his obstacles head on. He also has a hard time listening to advice. He seems to be the most understanding and supportive of Julie out of the other Burners. He is also being the only other character other then Claire to call her "Jules" more often rather than addressing her by her real name.


You lied to me! I guess this is a lie too!

-Mike to Kane

Serving KaneEdit

Mike was prominent Cadet of Kane Co. and, seemingly, Abraham Kane's favorite soldier.During his first mission as a Stars And Sabers Commander. During the demolishing of a district of Motorcity, Mike came to realize that Kane had lied to him about details of his first mission which led to his revolt against Kane[1].

Forming The BurnersEdit

According to Dutch's paintings Mike was founder of the Burners, thus he recruited all of the members[2].


In the first episode, he is shown to have an aggression towards Kane and attempts to defeat him, but after ignoring Julie's warnings multiple times, he is forced into a trap set up by Kane and is captured for a relatively short amount of time.

While free, he manages to defeat several of Kane's robots and finally an even bigger robot powered by Kane himself. Kane experiences a temporary defeat, but vows to return to revive the battle, leaving Mike to fight another day. He is shown to have a good relationship with Julie.

Photo (22)

Mike vs his past.


Mike's primary weapon is a spark staff hidden in a skull that Mike also uses as top of Mutt's gearstick. Apart from that, as an ex-solider of Kane, he's skilled in hand-to-hand combat, but that has been known to be challenged, especially by Red.


  • Chuck calls him "Mikey" and he's the only person who addresses him like that
  • His surname is most likely a reference to a series of car repair manuals.
  • His greatest fear as revealed in Mayhem Night, is being caught by Kane and serving under him again.


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