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Julie Kane


Julie "Jules" Kane

First Appearance:

Battle for Motorcity

Voiced by:

Kate Micucci


The Burners

Julie Kane is one of the main protagonists of Motorcity. She is a member of the Burners and the driver of 9 Lives. She is voiced by Kate Micucci.

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9 Lives


Julie's Kane Co. internship is the perfect cover as she gathers intel on Kane's latest schemes. Her stealthy skills are bolstered by her patience, which also allows Julie to see the good in even the worst people. And Julie has she is also Abraham Kane's daughter, a secret unknown to her Burner teammates. She is known to have a good relationship with all of her teammates, especially Mike.


Julie's main weapon is yellow spark-boomerang. In addition, she owns an cloaking device which allows her to project multiply holograms of herself, which is used to confuse the enemy.


  • Julie doesn't have a Burners logo on her clothes, as it could reveal her true identity to her father.
    • Her Burner logo can also be used as a hacking device.
    • Early illustrations of Julie show the Burner logo on back of her vest in the same color scheme as Texas.
  • Her greatest fear as revealed in Mayhem Night, is her father and the possibility of her identity being discovered.