Kane promised everyone the city of the future. He never told them it will cost them their freedom - most of them didn't even realize what they've lost (...)

-Mike Chilton; Motorcity opening sequence

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Detroit Deluxe is the city that Abraham Kane built on top of "old" Detroit (later renamed to Motorcity).

The presidentEdit

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Kane's giving a speech to the citizens

The head of the Deluxe is Abraham Kane. He's wield known to the citizens by giving them rapports of new improvements made for the town or starring in commercials.

Sometimes when Kane delivers speeches to his people, he projects a large hologram of himself in the middle of the city. Small ones are also seen in the pods.

Safety measuresEdit

Deluxe has both human resources and mechanical force to attack and defend his city from Motorcity.

Mechanical supportEdit

The city is widely guarded by various Kane Co. bots and drones.

Human forcesEdit

There is a military school in Deluxe is which cadets are taught various skills. The elite or most prominent cadets could be enlisted to Star and Sabers unit.

Known soldiersEdit

  • Tooley is Kane's right hand man, Kane keeps him around to strike fear into his employees.


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The mandatory KaneCo unitard

All clothes available at Detroit Deluxe are in blue scheme with white "K" on the side.

Other accessoriesEdit

  • Safe-T-Suit
  • Shades - advertised by Abraham Kane himself, they are a mandatory accessory of every Deluxe citizen.

Buildings and housingEdit

The city is made up of hundreds of floating houses called pods, although some larger buildings are still located permanently on the ground.

  • Pods are all-glass cubes which float around the city, taking their owners to their destinations. Those kind of housing have little to none furnishing.

The Pods have to be charged every now and then. Staying too long in their chargers leads to them overpowering and even exploding.

Places of interestEdit

  • Kane Co. Tower is the tallest building in Deluxe located in the middle of the city.


Main dish in Detroit Deluxe are Nutrition Cubes. Those are small, light blue, jelly-like cubes with the Kane Co. logo on the side. They are mostly eaten by using fork and knife.


  • The only ways to get to Deluxe from Motorcity are the north, east, west, and south gates.
  • On some occasions Kane dumps Deluxe's wastes to the Motorcity grounds.
  • Detroit Deluxe Paint and Body is also the name of a Car Restoration and Auto Body Shop located in Redford Michigan. Specializing in car restoration and high end auto body repair.