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Chuck is one of the Burners and occupies the passenger seat in Mike's car. He is voiced by Nate Torrence.


Thanks to his big ol' brain, Chuck can always find an escape route or a solution to a technical problem in a pinch. Although he's usually terrified of the situation Mike has put him in, he is incredibly loyal and will never bail on him. Chuck is also constantly improving the Burners' computer and security systems.

He cannot drive, but is receiving lessons from Mike. Chuck's car, Blonde Thunder, was wrecked at the end of a third stage of the race against the Duke of Detroit. It's unknown if she's being repaired or not.


Apart from being a programmer for the Burners, Chuck wields a sling shot which he holds on his left forearm. He activates it by pressing an area on his left wrist.

His LARP'ing persona, Lord Vanquisher, uses a lance as his primary weapon.


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Chuck's communication hologram.

  • Mike calls him "Chuckles", and is the only person who addresses him like that.
  • Chuck has a crush on Claire.
  • Chuck is full of quirks and phobias. Some of them are:
    • Shy bladder
    • Kitten phobia
    • Panic attacks
  • Chuck has only nine toes.
  • He LARPs on weekends.
  • It has been theorized that Chuck may be some sort of Cyborg. Unlike Mike, whose weapon activates from a seperate item, (or the other Burners, whose equipment is solely held by the hand) Chuck's weapon appears to come out of his arm altogether, while seeming to be "attached" to it. Additional evidence is that he often uses certain green-colored screens without any alleged use of a device, different from the other Burners. This theory would have been disproven had the series continued, however, as there were plans to actually reveal Julie as a cyborg.