(...)You've got to weld it. Dutch can do that and Julie's gonna infiltratn'. Mike can take credit for everything and Chuck... well... I don't know what Chuck does, but he can like, scream or something.

-Texas to Kaia; Texas-ify It

The Burners are a group of young people who protect Motorcity from Abraham Kane.


The group has a common garage that they use as a headquarters. They mostly fix their cars there as well as kill time together or plan another campaign against Kane.



Along with Abraham Kane and his Kane Co. company, the Burners have several other enemies:


  • Claire- A friend of Julie's who has helped the Burners on more than one occasion.
  • Rayon- The owner of the Skylark hotel who helped the Burners against the Duke.


Burners' logo is depicted as flaming billiard ball with letter B.


  • Except for protecting Motorcity, Burners also do several odd jobs like creating custom made parts of engines or working as a delivery.
  • The Burners' favorite hanging out place is a restaurant called "Antonio's."