Abraham Kane


Abraham Kane

First Appearance:

Battle for Motorcity

Voiced by:

Mark Hamill



You little dog! I took you under my wing, groomed you from the top, and at your first chance of leadership, you turn your back on me!

-Kane to Mike, Vendetta

Abraham Kane is the principal antagonist of Motorcity, as well as the evil billionaire owner of Kane Co. who desires to lay waste to Motorcity to expand his own empire, Detroit Deluxe, and complete his conquest for Detroit. He is voiced by Mark Hamill.


Kane is vengeful, cocky, and arrogant and has convinced everyone in Deluxe what is seemingly a great place, but is actually the opposite — he has banned his citizens from owning cars and having other personal freedoms. He hates Mike in particular and vows to capture and destroy him.


Prior to the events of Motorcity, Kane was a seemingly nice man, and Mike was his favorite cadet. When Mike realized his true scheme to create a perfect utopia, he left Kane and took refuge in the underground city of Motorcity. At the start of the series, Kane threatened Mike, the Burners, and the citizens of Motorcity by sending frequent messages through holographic screens.

Kane projected a holographic image of himself to meet and trick Mike in battle. "Kane" was forced into gunpoint and Mike attempted to punch him, only realizing it was a hologram. Kane's airships abducted Mike and the rest of the Burners and sent thousands of smaller robots to infiltrate the security gate leading into Motorcity.

When the robots had finally made their way into Motorcity and began laying waste to it, Mike managed to escape his confinement and destroyed most of the robots and finally Kane. Kane was using a larger robot to meet Mike in what seemed like the inevitable final battle, but he was defeated and promised to continue fighting Motorcity. What he so far doesn't know is that his daughter Julie is one of the Burners.


  • He used to work with Jacob before creating Detroit Deluxe.
  • Abraham Kane hates cars.
    • He backs up his hatred with the statement that cars "are loud, anxious and give people freedom."
  • He refers to Motorcity as a "sewer".